What is computer software ?

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The software includes many components such as operating systems Which enables the user to deal with the computer easily.

There is also application software Which enables us, for example, to create documents or carry out work and other tasks.

And software cannot be seen with our own eyes, but it is found on various storage media such as hard disks and CD-ROMs...

Operating systems

Operating system It is a special type of software, which is loaded and runs automatically when the computer starts. The operating system enables us to use all the features of computers without the user learning the details of the work of these devices.

Operating system

The operating system cannot be dispensed with in any computer, because without it the computer cannot operate and benefit from it.

When IBM The personal computer was produced in 1981 with the DOS operating system Microsoft's company It is an operating system that runs commands on a black screen, requires a lot of experience to use, and was not loved by users because of its difficulty and need to memorize commands.

After that, Microsoft produced a new operating system called Windows It is a graphical user interface (GUI) system...

Operating system models

Then there were different versions of Windows operating systems The first version of it is Windows 3.1 It was much more powerful than DOS Then versions appeared Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, and Windows XP Currently, there are both Windows Vista systems and Windows 7.0 and Windows 10

IBM _It has its operating system, OS/2. It is used by a few companies.

Newly appeared Linux operating system It is an open source operating system It is free and can be developed according to the needs of users.

Apple devices work on their own operating systems called Apple System They are operating systems that only work on Apple devices.

There is also open source operating systems that can run on different devices such as Linux which is free.

Application Software

Application programs are the type of programs that run after the operating system is loaded. Examples are word processing programs, which produce letters, notes, and other correspondence. There are also spreadsheet programs for dealing with accounts, numbers, and statistics, and there are database programs that specialize in organizing dealing with information, and saving large amounts of data.

Application programs also include my friends Games Games Graphics software Which specializes in the production of pictures, graphics, and advertisements.

Word Processing

It is the software responsible for producing letters and memos and is also used for mail merge.

Examples of these programs include:

Microsoft Word is Manufactured by Microsoft.

Lotus Word Pro Produced by Lotus

Google Documents Google Documents.

Arithmetic tables


It is the programs that enable the creation of budgets, the calculation of balances, the analysis of statistics, and the completion of various mathematical analyzes.

Examples of these programs include:

Microsoft Excel is Manufactured by Microsoft.

Lotus 123Produced by Lotus

Databases _

Database programs enable data to be stored, manipulate, used, searched, and queried, according to specified search criteria.

Examples of these programs include:

Microsoft Access is Manufactured by Microsoft.

Presentation _

Presentation software enables the creation of professional presentations that can be printed or displayed in slides Using Projectors.

Examples of these programs include:

Microsoft PowerPoint is Manufactured by Microsoft.

Web Browsing

They are programs that enable you to browse and view pages and sites on the World Wide Web.

Examples of these programs include:

Microsoft Internet Explorer is Manufactured by Microsoft.

Netscape Navigator

Mozilla Firefox

Web Authoring

These are applications that enable the creation of websites and web pages.

Examples of these programs include:

Microsoft FrontPage Produced by Microsoft

Macromedia Dreamweaver Produced by Macromedia


It means e-mail client programs that enable receiving and sending e-mail messages. The most popular programs for this category of applications are:

Microsoft Outlook Produced by Microsoft :

EDORA is one of the first programs that appeared in this field and is still used today.

Computer Games

Many companies produce game software that depends on high-quality animation and stereo sound and interacts with users, and these games are supplied on CDs and DVDs. Games are usually controlled by a keyboard or mouse, and joysticks.

One of the most famous computer game production companies is Sega.

Differentiate between operating systems and application software

The operating system is the minimum software requirement that must be present on the computer to work and be able to run, meaning that the operating system cannot be dispensed with on the personal computer. The operating system.

Some of the new functions that help ease the use of the computer

Some modern software, operating systems, and application programs provide us with some new functions that help ease the use of the computer, such as voice recognition systems, screen reading and magnification, and the on-screen keyboard.

Voice recognition systems

Some modern systems, such as Windows XP, enable giving some commands to the computer by voice, and some applications such as Microsoft Office 2003 and later versions allow voice commands and voice dictation feature, these systems and applications use what is known as Voice Recognition systems for this, it is necessary to provide the computer with a high-quality microphone, and to train the voice recognition system a lot on the user's voice to recognize the exits of his letters.

Screen reading systems

Some programs enable on-screen text to be read and converted into spoken voice, and this is done by Speech Synthesizer systems. These systems are useful in reading an e-mail message and the contents of web pages. To operate these systems, they must be installed on the operating system and provide the computer with a high-quality sound card.

Screen Zoom

The screen magnifier feature helps On some operating systems, Zoom zoom work for some parts of the screen, this is useful for the visually impaired and users who have vision problems, and this method helps them in dealing with the computer.

Screen keyboard

Some operating systems also provide a screen keyboard facility, which is a software keyboard that appears on the screen above the program screens, and its keys are pressed by the mouse pointer to work the same as the regular keyboard, and it is very useful for users who find it difficult to use the keyboard.

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