E-Learning Project Management

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The project is defined as an investment process consisting of an integrated set of activities implemented during a specified period of time, according to designs and production capacities directed to serve desirable, specific and agreed goals.

Project management is one of the means of developing societies and organizations in a balanced manner, whether these projects are profitable or service projects. The project philosophy stems from the comprehensive development of individuals and organizations to upgrade energies. 

As for those working on projects, whether in evaluating, managing, or supervising their affairs, they must have basic skills related to project selection, project management and directing its resources. 

And that they possess basic information related to the purpose of the project, its stages, how to plan, organize its components, and evaluate its activities. This also applies to e-learning projects .

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Project features:

  1. Projects start from a specific problem or need, which is identified within an organized framework.
  2. Projects involve optimal investment of resources in the presence of specific goals and scarcity of resources.
  3. Projects are characterized by their privacy, as they are often unique in their kind or their own goals.

projects to her Goals Triple Dimensions:

  • Having a specific schedule.
  • Having a specific budget.
  • Having specific goals and desired performance.

Project life cycle :

for every project Course life especially with it go off From Point What And it ends when Point other , and this is command helps in organization of thinking by the project and how his management, and analysis Reasons his success potential and development Mechanisms its sustainability.

There are many classifications of project phases, but the core life cycle of projects is mostly the same. one this is Categories Dealing with The project on me it's a Collection From sequential steps and the series which verification Target From this The project, and start this is steps From Presence need What And ends with the evaluation, passing through group From stages that represented in planning, organization, and implementation, and evaluation. next figure Shows steps and stages Course life The project the college.

E-learning project management methodologies

There is no specific theoretical base for managing e-learning projects , some of those who have positioned themselves as e-learning project managers try to follow some of the approaches that are used to manage other types of projects.

Waterfall System _

Shackleford stresses that the waterfall system is the most suitable traditional system for e-learning projects.

This system is considered a means of expression used in writing about software development, as a means of criticizing the use of programs in practice.

When following the waterfall model, the transition from one stage to another is carried out in a purely sequential manner, and the transition from one stage is not completed until the previous stage is completely completed.

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