Must read! Complete SEO Copywriting Guide for Beginners

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Must read! Complete SEO Copywriting Guide for Beginners

SEO copywriting is one of the writing techniques that offers numerous benefits to its users. A survey shows this is the most effective method of increasing engagement. However, this technique is difficult for beginners because every written work is always assumed with plagiarism.

Therefore, as a beginner copywriter, you must have a basic understanding of copywriting.


Overview of SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is an article-writing technique for creating keyword-optimized content that appeals to human users and search engines. With the right treatment, this technique can help improve website rankings optimally.

This writing technique aims to provide user-friendly content that is well-rated by Google. Not surprisingly, business people have started to apply this technique to improve their product marketing.

Benefits of SEO Copywriting

You can apply SEO copywriting to various content needs, including blog posts, web pages, social media ads, web content, and other written works. With the right treatment, companies will enjoy some of these benefits:

  • Help attract reading interest and the eligibility of internet search engine recommendations.
  • In-depth research on the topic you will discuss will undoubtedly aid your content in reaching your target audience.
  • Businesses can boost public trust by providing answers to their audience's questions in the form of articles.
  • Encourage readers to take action on a regular basis, such as app downloads, product purchases, channel subscriptions, and other critical actions.

8 SEO Copywriting Tips for Beginners

1. In-depth Keyword Research

As a writer, you need keywords or discussion topics to support the creation of targeted articles. However, the thing that is quite difficult is the process of searching for these keywords. The reason is that it takes in-depth research to get the best keywords.

You can use magical tools to help you find the right keywords, such as Google Trends and Ubersuggest. By entering and comparing several categories, you can search for keywords with the results of the search volume, difficulty level, or matrix that best suit you.

2. Choose the Right Content Type

Understanding keywords' meaning and value sound quite complex, but it will be very easy if you know the concept. The basis is the classification of keyword usage, starting from:

  • Information (providing education).
  • Navigation (pointing to a specific link).
  • Commercial (attracts readers' buying interest).
  • Transactional (drive conversion from visitors to customers).

You must make decisions based on the target's location and conditions. Also, ensure that the keywords you select are appropriate for the type of content. SEO copywriting will be more effective in their respective capacities if given the proper treatment.

3. Pay Attention to the Distribution of Keywords

Even if you get interesting and selling keywords, if they are not evenly distributed, they are either too dense or not dense enough. Of course, it will affect the performance of the content.

Therefore, you need to use the help of an SEO-checking tool to get the best results. For example, the Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress.

4. Use Persuasive Language and Choice of Diction

Persuasion is a self-approach in which the author assumes the reader's role. This approach will increase the feeling of comfort when reading SEO copywriting. Because the language you use is the audience's everyday language.

5. Create Relevant Meta Descriptions

Generally, you can assume a meta description as a summary of an article. It's the same as a cover description in a book that shows what the contents of the book want to discuss in a concise form.

In addition to being short, the meta description must be able to be a reflection of the article you created and attract the attention of the audience to want to click on your article link.

6. Create Articles that are Organized but Easy to Understand

When creating SEO copywriting articles, writers must review and judge from the reader's perspective. Your content should be well-organized but easy to understand. The thing that is very obvious when you use robots for content writing is language that tends to be unnatural and difficult to understand.

7. Use Supportive Visuals

The next step is to insert a supporting visual. Visuals can help align the opinions you want to convey to readers in addition to serving as an explanation for the articles you create. Thus, the articles will be more easily understood than plain articles.

8. Take advantage of CTAs

No less important than making SEO articles is placing a CTA (Call to Action) on the article. Because it is useful to encourage visitors to take action. For example, click the link, like, comment, share, or call your contact number.

The placement and timing of the CTA must also be right. Because most of the CTA will be more optimal if the article is in the form of commercial or transactional.


SEO copywriting is an article writing technique that can increase rankings on Google search engines and attract the attention of the audience. You can accomplish this by conducting keyword research, selecting content types, utilizing valid data, and correctly inserting a CTA in the article.

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