How to Increase Instagram Followers for a Successful Business

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5+ Ways to Increase Instagram Followers for a Successful Business

The number of Instagram followers is no longer insignificant. Many business owners want to know how to increase Instagram followers because it can indicate the popularity of their business.

In the past, many people sought shortcuts by buying followers or using bots. However, you should be aware that this strategy is ineffective in terms of promoting business growth.

To grow your business, you need customers or people who are genuinely interested in your product or service. As a result, we've compiled a list of strategies for gaining high-quality Instagram followers. Let us first look at why businesses require so many Instagram followers.


Why is the number of Instagram followers important for business? 

Social media platforms such as Instagram have impacted many people's lives. Social media is commonly used to help users stay in touch with friends and family. However, it is also a powerful marketing tool for businesses.

When an Instagram account has many followers, it brings many advantages to the business. Among them are the following:

  • Making business look more trustworthy.
  • Marketing content or messages will reach more people.
  • Increasing business profits.

6 Ways to Increase Instagram Followers

1. Create a professional Instagram profile

Before you decide to increase your Instagram followers, you should first optimize your business account. Provide bio information and a clear profile photo so that people are drawn in and can learn about your business. Include a website link as well to drive traffic to your website.

Apart from that, your Instagram account should be easily accessible and relevant to your business. If your company's name is long, shorten it to something your target audience will recognize. You do not need to add any numbers or characters to the username if your company name contains no digits.

2. Take advantage of Instagram reels

If you haven't created Instagram Reels content yet, your business could miss out on a great opportunity to increase the number of followers. Instagram Reel is a feature that is similar to TikTok videos. You can use this feature to create and edit videos ranging in length from 15 seconds to 60 seconds.

This content will appear on the Reel Feed for followers and non-followers of your business account to see. As a result, the marketing information you convey will reach many people.

To ensure that your Reels content works properly, you must do the following:

  • Include keywords and hashtags in the caption
  • Use trending audio
  • Add on-screen text to reach subscribers who watch silently

3. Use hashtags

Hashtags are one of the tools you can use to increase your Instagram followers. Instagram users have used hashtags for years to make the content they share easier for other Instagram users to find. As a business owner, you can use this strategy to broaden the reach of your marketing message.

There are a few things you should do when using hashtags to make them work properly:

  • Conduct research to identify popular hashtags relevant to the business or product you are selling.
  • Use a different set of hashtags for each piece of content. Using the same hashtags on every piece of content will make it appear spammy.
  • You can analyze content performance through Instagram insights to determine which hashtags work best.

4. Organize a giveaway

Organizing a giveaway is another great way to gain Instagram followers. Furthermore, this method generally has a high level of engagement and can encourage better brand awareness.

If you have never held a giveaway before, here are some examples of conditions that Instagram users must meet to receive free gifts.

  • Request that users follow your business account, like, share and comment on the giveaway content you post.
  • Request that users leave comments on the content of the posted giveaway by tagging some of their friends.
  • Make a small contest where users are asked to create a unique post about your brand.

5. Collaborate with influencers on Instagram

Influencer marketing is a sales strategy that makes use of influencers. Working with influencers can also be a very effective way to increase Instagram followers. In general, influencers have built trust and loyalty among their followers, making it easier for them to persuade them to buy the products they promote.

When employing this strategy, select influencers who are relevant to your business. Determine whether or not the influencer has a high level of engagement with their followers.

6. Make use of Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads is an advertising service provided by Instagram in which business owners pay a fee to have their posts seen by more Instagram users. Instagram Ads, like Facebook Ads, can appear in feeds, IG stories, IG explore, and other places. The ad will appear as a regular post but will always include the label "sponsored" to indicate that the content is an ad.

You can get more quality followers with this service because you can control who your target audience is. Instagram currently offers several ad formats from which to choose, including:

  • Image ads
  • Stories ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Collection ads
  • Explore ads
  • IGTV ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Reels ads 


There are many ways to increase Instagram followers. These techniques can help your Instagram account grow and become well-known to many of your target audiences. You must also keep your followers engaged by creating interesting content and engaging them in a two-way conversation.

Because most people today use social media to search for products and services, using social media for marketing is a must.

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