How to Create a Business Whatsapp Account and Optimize It

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How to Create a Business Whatsapp and Optimize It

Whatsapp is still a popular chat application used by many people worldwide. Based on information from, "the active users of this chat application have reached 2 billion users worldwide." Therefore, you can use Whatsapp to run your digital marketing strategy.

Whatsapp is a free and easy-to-use chat application with various chat features that allow users to communicate with one another. Because of the app's popularity, many businesses use it to communicate with their customers. This prompted WhatsApp to create the WhatsApp Business app, which is designed specifically for business owners.


What is Whatsapp Business?

Whatsapp explains on its official website that Whatsapp Business is a free Android or iPhone application designed with small business owners in mind. Whatsapp Business makes it simple for businesses to interact with their customers by offering a variety of tools for automating, sorting, and responding to messages quickly.

The Whatsapp Business application is also designed to have the same look and feel as the actual WhatsApp Messenger. So, this Whatsapp Business app can also be used to do things you would normally do on Whatsapp Messenger, such as sending messages or photos.

Broadly speaking, Whatsapp Business has several main features, such as:

  • Business profile: a feature to include important information related to your business profile, such as company address, email, and website.
  • Labels: feature to easily organize and find your chats or messages.
  • Messaging tools: features or tools to respond to customers' messages quickly.

How to Create a Business Whatsapp Account

Step 1: Download Whatsapp Business App

First, you have to download the WhatsApp business app. If you are an Android user, you can download it from the Play Store, but if you are an iOS user, you can get it on the App Store.

Step 2: Register Your WhatsApp Business Account

The following stage will require you to create a Whatsapp Business account. You will be asked whether you want to use your personal WhatsApp number as a business number or register a new one. We recommend providing a new or special number to manage and run your business.

So, at this stage, you can choose to use a different number. After entering the new number, WhatsApp will send a random six-digit verification code to the number you are using.

Step 3: Complete Your Business Profile

After you have created a Whatsapp Business account, the next step is to complete your business profile. To do this, open the Settings menu > Business Settings > Profile. You can configure your WhatsApp business profile here by adding a profile picture, display name, business category, business description, address, email, and website. Ensure the data you fill in is correct and in accordance with your business profile.

How to Optimize Business Whatsapp Usage

Knowing how to create Whatsapp Business is very useful, but knowing how to optimize it is even more beneficial to your business. Below are the ways to optimize the use of Whatsapp Business:

1. Use away message to reply to customer messages

WhatsApp Business allows you to set up "away messages" when you are not operating. You can set up an auto-reply feature where contacts will be notified that you are currently unavailable. To do this, you can follow these steps:

  • Click Settings > Business tools > Away message

Here, you can enable the send away message feature and edit the message. After that, set the schedule for sending messages and determine which recipients can get the automated messages. 

2. Use the quick reply feature to reply quickly

The quick reply is a feature that can be used to answer common questions frequently asked by customers. You can simply press '/' on the keyboard to select the appropriate quick reply and send it to the customer. Here are the steps to activate it:

  • Click Settings > Business tools > Quick Replies

Please click the plus icon (+) in this menu to create a new quick reply. In the shortcut field, you can fill in the shortcut that will be used to reply to messages quickly. For example, if you want to quickly respond to a message with a question about a service price list, you can create a shortcut in the form of /price.

3. Create customer labels

Whatsapp provides a label feature that can be used to "tag" customers. This feature can help you to understand the stage of communication that is going on with the customer. In addition, labels can also make it easier for you to find customer chats or messages.

For example, you can label a conversation as "new customer." That way, when the customer calls you back, you can find out who the customer is. You can also create a label in the form of "customer feedback" to make it easier for you to collect customer testimonials.

Here's how to enable this label feature:

  • Tap and hold a message or chat > ​​Click the Labels menu > You can add an existing label or create a new label.

You can use the following steps to find messages that you have tagged:

  • Go to your Chats screen > More options > Labels > tap the label.

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