First Input Delay (FID): Definition and Importance for Websites

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First Input Delay

Basically, First Input Delay is the calculation of the time between when the audience first visits the website and when the audience closes the interaction on the website. This term is very important on a website, particularly for traffic and content analysis. 

This article will explain the First Input Display, its importance, and how it can be optimized. 


What is First Input Delay?

First Input Delay (FID) is a calculation of the time starting from the audience first interacting with the website until the browser starts processing the action on the interaction, which will be processed as insight.

This first interaction includes calculating link clicks, tapping certain buttons, and also being able to use other controls that are supported by the JavaScript programming language. In addition, this calculation also includes inputting certain data, the number of backs on the website, and so on.

Another meaning of FID is a metric that functions to track website user access when they want to experiment with interactions on the website . The tracking will enter into an interface time so that later the website can respond to the actions and interactions that the audience has made.

The parable is like when you want to visit a friend or relative's house. Then, you calculate the actions you take when you visit the house. Starting from ringing the bell, opening the door, visiting, until the stage you leave the house.

Importance of First Input Delay for Websites

After knowing the meaning of the term FID, here are some reasons why FID is important in a website:

A. Core Web Vital

You should know that FID is very important in a website. Why is that? Because this tool is one of the three main metric options that are part of Core Web Vitals. 

Then, what is Core Web Vitals ? Core Web Vitals itself is a metric that becomes a Web Vitals component which is the most important and most influential element for the user access experience or user experience (UX) on a website.

Core Web Vitals are the most influential factor in determining website rankings on the Google search engine in 2021. This information has been officially announced by Google starting May 28, 2020.

In addition, the First Input Delay is also a very important component to maximize optimization on website structure and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In fact, this metric has often emerged as the main step for website optimization if you use SEO services at a digital agency.

B. User Experience (UX)

This metric is also very important for websites because of how it works like human relationships. First impressions are of course an important factor in assessing and giving an impression on the meeting. In addition, this impression issue also applies to the website that you are currently managing.

If you give a bad first impression, then the audience may immediately move and even leave the page to another website page . Then, the question is, how do you make a good first impression on a website? This is where the First Input Delay role comes into play. 

FID can help and optimize the measurement and calculation of website visitors when they first access your website pages . In addition, FID will also produce data related to the first impression.

Then, after getting the data, then you can certainly improve the structure of the website to make it more attractive. In short, this metric will analyze the first impression of site visitors when accessing the website. From this first impression, you will get data regarding the repairs you need to make.

FID Criteria You Must Know

Like all metrics in Core Web Vitals , First Input Delay also has some very specific criteria. The following are three FID metric criteria that you must know:

  • Good, meaning less than or equal to 100 milliseconds of audience action.
  • Needs Improvement, means an assessment with a number of 100 milliseconds up to 300 milliseconds of audience action.
  • Poor, meaning that the assessment is quite good. More precisely, between 300 milliseconds or more than that number. That is, your website has been optimized with high calculations from the site's visitors.

How to Optimize First Input Delay

The following are the steps for optimizing FID so that the website is more optimal in terms of access power:

1. Minimize JavaScript

The main cause of the FID metric being less than optimal is too much JavaScript on a website. Therefore, the first way to optimize the FID metric is to reduce the JavaScript programming language in website creation.

By default and by default, JavaScript can block a render. When the browser finds a script tag listed in the JavaScript file, it pauses.

The browser that pauses this will later affect the access power on the website , especially when the user is accessing it. In addition, this will also affect the download speed on the web . So, use JavaScript sparingly in website creation.

2. Defer

Defer is an HTML attribute that affects the optimization of First Input Delay . This attribute will tell the browser when the browser is about to pause. So, the browser can then continue to work optimally on web pages and create a script on the background of the website .

You must put this attribute in writing website coding as an additional attribute that will read and provide information to the website regarding the actions that need to be taken.

3. Code Splitting

Code splitting is a concept that works by dividing a single JavaScript bundle into smaller components. If on a website you accumulate JavaScript bundles in only one component, then this will affect the optimization of the First Input Delay on a website.

However, if you use the Code splitting technique and attribute , then JavaScript will read it as the main command command. After that, later this attribute will share and make JavaScript work with at different times.

On this basis, code splitting is also able to optimize website access speed. Especially, for those of you who use hosting with relatively low access power.


So basically, First Input Delay (FID) is a very important metric for search engines as well as for user access to your website . So, you need to take optimization actions on FID metrics in order to provide feedback on good user experience and core web vitals on your website

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