Benefits of LinkedIn for Business that Not Many Know

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Benefits of LinkedIn for Business that Not Many Know

Many social media are currently used for business purposes, and one of them is LinkedIn. Through LinkedIn, you can share important information about your company.

In addition, LinkedIn has a profile that you can fill out about your career and professionalism. So many people use this social media to get a job. However, LinkedIn is not only for personal use but also for business.


LinkedIn Benefits For Business

Here are the benefits of LinkedIn for business that you should know, especially for business people to advance your business.

1. Place to Share Jobs

As explained earlier, this application is widely used to exchange information. The advantage over other social media is that LinkedIn is more suitable for your business information because there are job or company profile features that can be filled in completely.

Thus, LinkedIn will make your business more professional. The information you share on LinkedIn is job vacancies.

Many job seekers use LinkedIn to find the right job vacancies. Therefore, as a businessman, you can take advantage of this to find the right employees to make the company more advanced.

2. Employer Branding

The next benefit of LinkedIn is that it can provide Employer Branding for companies. What is meant by Employer Branding is to increase the company's branding to many people so that the quality of the company is valued more.

The company's image is improving, making it easier for it to grow. Consumers trust the company more, and this can be used as a strategy to beat other competitors.

On LinkedIn, you can do branding by providing an overview of the company's vision, mission, and culture, to its employees.

Employees can create a LinkedIn account and list their profiles and occupation. That way, all workers can be linked to the company's LinkedIn profile, allowing everyone to see who works there.

LinkedIn will provide an overview of the company's value to people looking for work. You can also take advantage of the ads in this application to get quality employees.

3. Easier to Select Employees

Every company wants a professional workforce to support the company. This is in line with the current high industrialization, which makes companies compete to win the fierce competition.

Therefore, the selected workforce should not be arbitrary. You can make selection easier if you use LinkedIn. This is because various supporting features already make selection easier even though many people apply.

4. Media Marketing B2B

Another benefit of LinkedIn for businesses is as a means of marketing. This application has been downloaded by millions of users. In addition, as many as 7,301,000 Nigerians used LinkedIn in August 2022.

LinkedIn users August 2022

Source: NapoleonCat

This can benefit business owners who want to use this application as a marketing strategy. Many end up creating ads on LinkedIn to get a professional workforce.

To make it easier, businesses can take advantage of tested and professional Nigerian digital marketing. By doing so, you are already running B2B (Business to Business) to get cooperation from other businesses.

5. B2C Media Marketing

Another benefit is B2C (Business to Customer) marketing, which means the marketing media used to market products to customers. LinkedIn can be a good B2C network for business development.

It is very beneficial to market products using this application to increase sales, and this is done by sending personal messages to the target market.

Businesses can connect directly with followers from their LinkedIn accounts. That way, they can provide soft selling content to account followers so that users can see what they offer and be interested in buying.

This application is widely used by productive ages ranging from 24 years to 50 years. Therefore, you must plan a good marketing strategy to get users' attention.

6. Tool to Increase Exposure

Another benefit of LinkedIn is that it helps companies to increase their exposure. In a business account, you can create a page that contains information about the products and services offered.

Other LinkedIn account users will become potential customers because some people may see your services and become interested. If many users view your business page, this will increase traffic.

As a result, exposure from LinkedIn can help the site become more visible on the internet. The algorithm will also position your website on Google's first page.

Of course, this will make your business more recognizable and increase sales.

7. As Business Research

The last benefit of LinkedIn for business is that it can be used for research and analysis of business developments. This is because, from LinkedIn, you can see which users have viewed your company profile and how many were clicked.

Through this information, you can find out who your target market is, age, gender, and educational background if you want to find a job.

After knowing the data, you can plan a good and suitable marketing strategy for the target market that you have found.

In addition, it is necessary to follow up with customers by continuously providing the latest product information in order to become loyal customers.

Tips for Using LinkedIn for Business

After knowing what the benefits are, you also need to pay attention to the following tips to create a good LinkedIn account for business purposes:

  • Organize initial information to build branding. For example, fill in your profile, qualifications, educational history, experience, achievements, and other information. Later, the LinkedIn algorithm will automatically help you to provide a list of people with similar businesses to add to the connection.
  • After creating a personal profile, you also need to set up a company profile. The trick is to create a company page. Make sure the company looks convincing and has good credibility.
  • Provide contact information so potential customers can contact you when they want to buy your products or services.
  • Take a class or training on how to build a good LinkedIn profile to look more professional. You can also consult a digital marketing agency that helps your company grow.
  • Make advertisements that draw users' attention with innovative content relevant to current events.

For more information see How to Use LinkedIn for Business (Beginners Tips)


Those are the benefits of LinkedIn for business that companies need to know in order to maximize the potential of this application. Fill in complete data from the features provided by LinkedIn to make the company look more professional.

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