11 Ways to Promote Websites to Get More Visitors

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11 Ways to Promote Websites to Get More Visitors

If you have a website, increasing traffic is very important. Therefore, you have to do the right strategy, one of which is website promotion.

Effective website promotion can help you capture a potential target market. Thus, sales can also increase.


How to Promote a Website Effectively

How to promote a website can be done by optimizing SEO or using a Search Engine Marketing strategy .

Now if you want to have a website that is crowded with visitors, you need to do some promotional techniques. 

How to promote a website will usually be very different from an online store.

For that, let's look at some ways to promote a website that has been summarized by Jagoan Hosting below:

1. Use SEO Techniques on Blogs

The most popular way to promote a website and is mostly done by website developers and digital marketing is to use SEO techniques on blogs. 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization itself is a process for optimizing your site to be more visible and get rankings on search engines like Google. 

You can start applying SEO techniques on blogs as a way of free and organic website promotion, focusing on keywords or keywords that have low competition but have high searches.

That way, you will be more noticed by internet users. 

To comply with SEO standards, pay attention to, titles, headings, content and meta descriptions.

Don't forget to also add an image, and enter your targeted keywords into the title tag and article tag.

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2. Serve Quality Content

In addition to having content according to SEO standards, you also need to create quality content.

How to promote this one website, can be done by finding the right keywords first, 

After that, create content in the form of quality articles, with interesting titles for website visitors to read. 

Make sure not to use inappropriate words, so that it is comfortable for users to read.

You can also add photos or videos, as well as infographics if needed, to make it more interesting.

3. Try Google Business Profile

An effective way of website promotion can also be done by registering your business on the Google Business Profile .

This feature owned by Google allows you to introduce your business from your business profile, making it easier to identify. 

Google Business Profile as a way to promote a free website is also easy to do, friend.

You simply register and complete the required information such as your brand name , business address, store operating hours, phone number, and website, so that people will find it easy to find your online website.

4. Use Email Marketing

Using email marketing can be an effective way of website promotion too, you know, friend.

Email marketing can be used to increase sales obtained from offers to customers. 

From the email marketing , you can explain information related to products/services, provide attractive offers, and also add a call to action for users to visit the website or make a purchase. 

Before sending email marketing to customers, make sure the email you write is of good quality and interesting so they are willing to read it to the end. 

You can also add photos of the products or services you offer to further convince customers to visit the website to make a purchase.

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5. Take advantage of Search Engine Listings

An effective way of website promotion can also be done by means of search engine listings .

Basically, search engine listing is a technique to introduce a website to an audience, by allowing the website to be indexed easily, so you will get more traffic and visitors. 

Then, how to get the website indexed? The trick is to make content that is published, constantly updated, and always updated .

The reason is, the way search engines work will display content related to the audience's search. 

In addition, this free website promotion method can also work on search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.

6. Consider Pay Per Click Advertising

Considering Pay Per Click advertising can be an effective way of website promotion. Because, pay per click advertising can increase traffic on search engines like Google. 

The way it works is by placing an ad, and you need to pay for every ad that is clicked on by your targeted audience. 

You can also set the cost yourself, you know, friend. For example, 10 – 50 thousand target audiences that you can choose from.

Of course, the higher the target audience size, you also have to prepare a bigger budget. 

How to promote this website can't be done for free, but it will provide fast and big results to increase website traffic.

7. Take advantage of Retargeting Ads

The next way to promote your website, you can try retargeting ads. The way it works is by placing a tracking cookie on every device of a visitor who has visited your website. 

Even if visitors no longer visit your website, ads will still appear on their devices.

In other words, you can attract these visitors to revisit your website, and make transactions. 

Retargeting ads are considered not to harm visitor data because they can only track users who have visited your website.

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8. Promotion with Banner Ads

Installing banner ads on a site can also be an effective way of website promotion. 

But for the record, this website promotion method is not free, so you need to budget for the cost of doing banner ads.

However, you can try this promotion method by contacting your blogger friends to exchange banner ads for free. 

Furthermore, you also need to pay attention to the attractive banner ad design so that visitors are encouraged to click on the banner.

9. Promote on Marketplace

The way to promote a website other than sharing it on social media is to promote it through the marketplace .

Some marketplaces allow users to add websites to their profiles, such as OLX and Indotrading. 

Therefore, make sure you include the website address on your profile, friend.

In this way, you can also increase customer trust in the marketplace , so that buyers will be interested in making purchases.

10. Take advantage of social media 

Currently, the existence of social media can be used as a way of free website promotion.

The existence of social media also makes it easier for us to interact with potential visitors, without the limitations of space and time. 

Of course, this can be put to good use by website owners to attract website visitor traffic.

You can start by promoting your website through social media. In addition, you can also do this by sharing the website address through the platform .

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11. Hold a Giveaway

Giveaways can also be an effective way of website promotion. In this case, you can offer merchandise or gifts for free to attract the attention of the audience.

During the giveaway , you can also include your website address in the product or service content you offer. 

Currently, giveaways are still an effective way to increase engagement and attract audience attention.

You can also add a note that by visiting the website, or downloading a free ebook from your website, the audience can have the opportunity to get prizes from the giveaway that you are holding.

That way, the audience will be interested in doing these requirements, and you can increase website visitors.

That was a review on how to promote an effective website on the internet for you, friend! What method do you want to try right away?

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